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Arteta – Defending By Numbers Infographic

What’s this all about? We think Mikel Arteta has had a great season so we thought we’d take a quick look at how his role has changed this season compared to last and see how he stacks up against other players in the premier league playing either CM or DM. We focus on the main defensive stats available here for the sake of simplicity.
What can I expect to learn from this? Well nothing really it’s just an infographic. If you like it then share it, just like you would with a tear and share Italian bread. Or, if you don’t like it then read a more entertaining blog such as Le Grove, I hear they’re handing out free bumper stickers for every loyal reader now. No, but seriously it’s a great blog so check it out. Yes, It’s an infographic, we’ve all seen them a thousand times before, but have you seen this one? No I didn’t think so, take a look and comment below…

Arteta Defending By Numbers

nb. Try and spot the 6th worst offender, he’s in there somewhere, surely??


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