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Chamakh is Rubbish, We’ve Proved it With Maths!

The Sun reports today that Marouane Chamakh could be joining Fiorentina for around £4 million,  “Oh no, not Chamakh as well!” I hear you cry. Well don’t worry here are some useful stats which tell the story of the striker’s decline over the course of 1 particularly poor season.

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  1. davi 7 July, 2012 at 18:16 Reply

    His form clearly dropped after that strong start, but there were signs he was starting to improve again towards the end of this season. Personally I think he should leave because he’s simply afraid of shooting, but still I don’t think it’s fair to compare his goal:games ratio this year considering the vast majority of his appearances came from the bench. It has to be goals:minutes, and even then it’s slightly unfair if he’s only getting 10 minutes to get into the game.
    It’s how vela scored one goal in the league one season in 9 appearances – 1 goal in <180 minutes isn't exactly terrible!

    • Simon 7 July, 2012 at 23:22 Reply

      Davi, I do agree with the points you make, perhaps goals:minutes would have been a fairer reflection of his contribution. My concern is that in the time he did have on the pitch this season, he seemed completely disinterested. Going back to the stats, Chamakh had 19 shots last season and scored 1 goal. I believe as the only genuine competition for RVP last season, he could have and should have scored a few more.

      • davi 8 July, 2012 at 02:51 Reply

        I think disinterested is a bit harsh. I think it’s only fair to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was low on confidence. His form did improve noticably later in the season but of course he was never going to play much while RVP was fit, and so was never going to show any great form. He’s not exactly an impact player, but did come on and provide a useful link-up option. It did always bother me nonetheless that he was always picked ahead of Park because there’s not much he has which Park doesn’t, plus Park is actually confident and eager to score goals.
        This is the only problem I’ve ever had with Chamakh: he lacks the confidence to finish chances or even shoot at times. He is good when the ball is crossed into the box or where he doesn’t have to think about the shot, but when he has time and has to make a decision, he panics, and often (even in his early run of good form) he would be played in 1-on-1 with the GK and decide to turn and pass rather than take the chance himself. I had hoped he would gain that confidence, as Adebayor wasn’t exactly a goalscorer before Wenger picked him up, but it looks like that ship has sailed.

  2. Joosep 7 July, 2012 at 18:21 Reply

    Not his fault at all. Wenger gives him 10 minutes of playtime every 5th or 6th game. And you expect him to be on the form and confidence of scoring for us ? Think, people

    • Simon 7 July, 2012 at 23:30 Reply

      Joosep, whilst I do agree that Wenger didn’t give him much of a chance last season I really don’t think he did much to help himself. I recall him being pictured smoking a shisha pipe the night of the defeat to QPR. I just think this showed a complete lack professionalism, and didn’t seem like the actions of someone who was determined to prove his manager wrong and fight for a place in the first team.

      • davi 8 July, 2012 at 02:56 Reply

        I don’t agree with this. What is he supposed to do, sit at home and think about the result? The players are allowed to have lives outside of football, and as long as they don’t create trouble, who cares what they get up to. If he’d been smoking shisha during training, I’d get your point, but that’s too much.

  3. slugboy 7 July, 2012 at 20:19 Reply

    He’s a decent striker, but has played second fiddle to rvp. Did not get a decent chance. We won more games with him starting in previous season than when rvp started. Lies, damn lies and statistics and all that.

  4. Martins Agber 7 July, 2012 at 20:58 Reply

    Chamakh was made to lack confidence in himself after Van Persie returned to form after injury and it happened that this year he was no longer a glass man and Chamakhs chances waned leading to an unimpressive performance.

  5. GUNNERS4real 7 July, 2012 at 21:00 Reply

    Dn’t know y u people continue 2 insult our players djourou and chamack in pticular.dis guys neva get their chance and when they did its just 10 mins in 5 or 6 games all season.luk back 2 10/11 when djourou was costanly featuring in our starting 11,dis guy performed excellently wit kos.chamack also did well until dat ingr8(no apologies) called Robin return 4rm his regular holiday at d treatment table.AW just wn’t giv anybody a chance when he’s around coz he’s excelent which i neva dispute.i want dis players 2 stay(AA23 inclusive) and prove their worth and make u doubter eat ur 4 dat unfaithful&ungr8ful fella,AW can ship his ass out 2 any ‘more ambitious’ club and let’s c if he’ll score another 30 goals

  6. Brody Mir 8 July, 2012 at 00:50 Reply

    I’ve played football at youth standard against he top youth teams in Europe d have a very old understanding if football. As soon as chamakh touched the ball in an arsenal shirtaim the emirates cup I knew he was going to be a massive flop. He doesn’t tick enough boxes as a centre forward nor for a good, technically skilled football player. First of all he is 6 ft 2 and has good heading ability there is no question by his strength, power, pace and balance are deprive him from being a quality attacker.. Notice when he holds up the ball he struggles to hold the defender, he doesn’t have the strength. He also cannot do what van persie does which is spin off or turn using skill and technical ability because he simply doesn’t have it, instead he just passes it backwards. He also has no pace or movement and provides littlle for our midfielders, watch the game against Leeds where Henry came on in the 75th minute in place of chamakh to score a goalhe provided more movement in those 15minute than chamakh did the whole game.

    I am not being biased either because like most arsenal fans I wanted him to be a star for us but he simply has too litte talent, does not work hard enough at his game and has no athletic ability to match his height and leanness. The reason he scored 13 goals in the league in his first season for arsenal is because he had fabregas and nasri supplying him with perfect through balls for I’m to easily finish. Very few of his goals were truly amazing or remotely hard to finish. A player like Kevin Davies for bolton could have finished them just as well.

    I am sorry to sound so harsh but unlike chamakh I am happy with the signing of Girourd because he really has the technical ability and strength to redeem the flip that is chamakh at arsenal! C’mon you Gunners!

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