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Gonzalo Higuain – 30 Goals a Season


Can you Hig it?

I will open with a disclaimer: I have ‘little bit’ man crush for the amazing Gonzalo. That may swing the nature of this post, though I will try my best to stay un-impartial. See what I did there.

Now, I’m not one to get ahead of myself but I thought it necessary to right a few wrongs. Don’t talk to me about Rooney, don’t talk to me about Fellaini or Cesc, just talk to me about Higuain…

We’ve been linked with this fine talent for so long, I can’t help but think people are forgetting just how good he is. Like, the more you talk about something the less exciting it is. You know the kind.

So it’s time to remind everyone, and let’s face it, inform some of the less knowledgeable about this marvelous Argentinian.

The Stats

I know mentioning ‘stat’s in an opinion piece can really piss people off. But, I like a good stat. You’re about to see why…

Higuain Career Stats

I’ll give you a minute to digest…

In his last 5 seasons at Real he has scored or assisted 151 goals in 207 appearances. That’s including a large amount of bench time, wrongly handed to him by some foreign geezer, thought to be the only man alive to respect John Terry. I think you know the one.

Can you remember Arsenal signing a more proven goal scorer?

We haven’t, since Dennis Bergkamp… 18 years ago.

I know Dennis never scored 30 goals in a season, (yes, I’m finally talking about the blog title) but I honestly believe, in our setup, in a Premier League that’s defensive abilities continue to embarrass, 30 goals in more than achievable for a proven goalscorer.

I’ve had many a debate recently, with Gooners who simply believe we will never, yes never, see a ’30 goal man’ at the Emirates ever again.

Wow. I knew morale was down in some quarters, but come on, we’re the Arsenal. Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, (yes I’m listing players in my generation), even Adebaywhore for Christ’s sake!

Gonzalo Higuain is that man.

Big call – bookmark me, favourite the tweet, facebook the shizz out of me, do what you like. You heard it here first. If, and to be fair this is a massive if. I’ll do it justice…


we sign Gonzalo Higuain, I believe he will score 30 goals, in all competitions, in his first season for Arsenal.

This is where the fireworks go off, and I either excite people, like I’m feeling right now, with the anticipation of seeing such an incredible player grace the shirt. Goals, goals, goals. The expectation of watching the footy, knowing you’re going to score.


You’re going to think I’m a idiot, and you’re wasting your time reading this shit. You can tell me in the comments, I don’t mind.

Do you remember, before the days of live streaming, sitting in-front of the telly box, watching Jeff Stelling tell us that Henry had scored again, and again and again.

I do.

In-fact I cherish those memories so much, and feel sad that young Gooners of the current generation have not been close to that feeling of elation.

Times are changing. You can feel it. We can all feel it. The noises are great.

Higuain would not only be a statement signing, he could be one of Arsene’s greatest signings.

How often do we see a cracking ball fly through the six yard box, with no Arsenal player in sight? Too often. It kills me every time it happens. That and when Sagna hits the first man. At least hit the second one Bac, c’mon man. Higuain is a fox in the box, a technically gifted play-maker, a target man who can hold up the ball extremely well. Don’t argue, just watch the video below.

He’s everything.

The all-round complete striker with a shot to goal ratio of 45%. If Giroud hit that percentage last season he’d be up for the Ballon d’or.

The revolution is coming, I’m positive, excited and feeling like kid at Christmas. Let’s hope we can get him in the bag.

Don’t forget, let me know if you think he can get 30 in the comments below.

I’ll leave you with an extremely well researched fact… Did you know he was born in France? I think Arsene does.

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  1. YoungArse 20 June, 2013 at 15:14 Reply

    Good read, I agree he’s a quality player, but I’m yet to hear anything concrete. The British press made it up, the Spanish press reported the English press stuff, the English press then reported the Spanish stuff in which they report the English stuff… and now we’re reporting the Argentinian press stuff which is all based on the English press too, it’s a merry-go-round of countries reporting each other, without anyone actually confirming anything. The fact of the matter is, until Ancelotti joins, how can a deal be agreed? I’m hoping it does happen, but cautious until it does.


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