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Great news for Arsenal fans as Wenger sees off another!


Yes, Arsenal fans across the country are rejoicing with the news that Wenger has outlasted another Spurs manager. This is one of those blogs that I am truly going to enjoy writing!

Arsenal appointed Wenger in 1996, a mere 16 years ago when blogs weren’t even invented…I think. In that time he has seen off 13 managers!

So what was going on in 1996? Well Atlanta hosted the XXVI Olympiad Olympic Games, football came home, (and quickly left again, thanks Gareth!) as England hosted the European Championships and Google looked like this!

It’s fair to say that we have come through a massive change in footballing culture during that time. We have developed as a club, being recognised as the leaders in change in philosophy, pioneers of the English game. Arsenal became one of the first multi national teams in the English Premier League, fielding players from all over the continent and the world. This was closely followed by a change of ethos towards the game. ‘The Arsenal Way’ became a phrase donned and celebrated by the club and the fans. We have become an internationally recognised brand, with a very successful Asia tour last year, it is clear for all to see the global appeal of Arsenal.

We are more than just a football club.

So they are the facts guys, but I would like to repeat one, we have had one man in charge throughout that evolution of this great club.

Yet Arsene Wenger has come in for some very serious criticism over the last couple of seasons. Some from openly pessimistic fans and general full time haters, who let’s be honest reside in every club! More worryingly the ever faithful ‘Gooner Family’ has been questioning  Le Prof. For the very first time since I can remember the boss was receiving abuse from all angles, and the media were loving it. I woke up every morning to see stories of Arsenal in crisis, the end of the world, the infamous broken crest.

So what is it about some of our loyal fan base that can’t help but criticise when a few results go against us? Why does 16 years of bloody hard work, 100% commitment and let’s be honest, damn good success, go out the window?!

I wish I could answer that but I can’t, only you can.

I don’t like to make comparisons between us and the North London Lillywhites but 13 managers to 1 is quite a shocking stat. A stat that just about every spud would wish was reversed! This is something we should be bragging about, celebrating daily, weekly, monthly! Season on season we finish in the top 4 and play top draw football in the best competitions in the world. We are a massive club with a massive manager, let’s realise that now, not when he leaves.

If you want to label me as an AKB (Arsene Knows Brigade) founding member, then go ahead, because I just cannot question a man that has achieved what he has, can you?

In Arsene we trust.







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