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No Fighting In The War Room

I believe that the most important ingredient for success at any football club is a good team spirt.Team spirit = Happy players = Good performances = Wins= Trophies -that’s the maths they should teach you in school-. Now when you have players that constantly complain and cause a lot of infighting whether it be through wage demands, arguing with other players or just being sulky children, its gonna hurt your chances of winning trophies. No matter how skilled or how good their curved through balls over the top are, you will have to get rid of them.

This is the case with Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong. It seems that Wenger is tired of hearing the “Wenger was like a father to me” line every-time somebody leaves and has stopped being the “father” and has begun to rule with an iron fist. Song thought that turning up late to training, being lazy and having a disgusting attitude was the right way to go about getting an improvement on his “Unbelievably low” 55K PW contract. Arséne wasn’t having any of it. Wenger told Song to sling his hook and accepted a £15Million bid from Uefalona.

This is the kind of attitude I’ve been dying to see from Arsenal, Wenger is tired of being played by his players every summer and has put his foot down. The fans say it a lot but I think that Arséne has realised that “No player is bigger than the club” This was evident when Robin Van Persie told Wenger that he wanted to stay and was told “Your not in my plans” Nobody mucks about with Le Prof anymore. I do think this new-found “You don’t want to be here? Piss off then” attitude has something to do with the appointment of Steve Bould as assistant manager, you can imagine him going round the training ground cracking his knuckles and giving Van Persie the stink-eye after he made that “statement”..

One last thing, its nice to see Thomas Vermaelen lead the team out onto the pitch, hes a natural leader and should command respect from the players under him.
I would have loved Sagna for vice captain though…

-Regan McSweeney
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  1. julius 20 August, 2012 at 21:35 Reply

    We can not aford to keep selling our best players or rather established players every season which always takes us back to square one. Is high time wenger speak to the borde to stop this nonsense. Arsenal is now a feeder team to other clubs just as ajax once was.

  2. Judge 20 August, 2012 at 22:21 Reply

    Julius, either you have the memory of a goldfish or you clearly did not read any of the blog above. Your comments are just recycled rubbish thats been spewed many times over the pre season which does nothing for morale and more importantly bares no relavence to the article above.

    Regan: 3 words… Very good article 😉

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