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Now I have been thinking for a long while about writing my own blog after reading many of the best and worst on offer. I think I’ve got what it takes! So after the very quick decision to back my ability, (lets hope the next one will not be titled bouncebackability) I thought I’d get started.

The next big question that comes to mind is what to write about, obvious answer…Arsenal, but what topic or debate do I tackle first, the return of the King? Transfers? Will we make top 4? Curse of the full-back? When and who will be the next Arsenal captain to lift a cup? All good questions but not right for my first blog, I want to get off to a good positive start, so only one came to mind, The Professor.

Fortunately I first started to become a ‘real’ Arsenal fan when Arsene took over in ’96. I was 8 years old and cried myself to sleep when I watched my first televised champions league game, the tears were for sorrow as we lost. I think it was quite clear from that moment that Arsenal would be a big part of my life. My years of developing and understanding of the game were nurtured by Arsene Wenger and the soon to be well known phrase, The Arsenal Way, I grew up turning on the TV, flicking to Soccer Saturday to see how many goals TH14 had got, not to see if we were winning, that was a given. I looked forward to North London derby’s as smashing the spuds was always a great occasion. I enjoyed watching Vieira put Keane in his place in the Highbury tunnel, and the acrimonious battles they had on the pitch too. Needless to say I was spoilt, it seemed as though those spine tingling moments came along every week, too many to put into words, from Adams’ electric drive against the Toffees at Highbury, to Henrys destruction of the Real Madrid defence, to name JUST two.

All of these memories and stories I have for younger fans are a result of what Arsene Wenger has brought to this amazing football club. That in my opinion is a pure fact, and I would be happy to argue with anyone, Arsene changed footballing philosophy, for the game, not just our club. AW received torrents of abuse from all sectors, including the media, starting last year, for the first time I can remember. Mr P. Morgan led the abuse if I remember rightly! It carried forward to this season and our dismal start, never have I seen such unrest within our fan base and the media. Fans were airing the negative views on the devils doorstep that is Adrian Durham and TS, for once I would go to sleep worrying about our club. But I didn’t lose the faith; I knew what Arsene had brought to my life over the years, through his success. We’re in fifth and pushing and through to the 4th round of the FA cup, with one of the most amazing moments in my life and worthy of a blog of its own, a walkover in the San Siro and we would have had a good season. Not something a lot of fans would have been saying 4 months ago.

The priority for our club is to ensure that The Arsenals future is stable and successful, to achieve that we need AW at the helm.

Keep the faith.



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