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Despite injuries, Arsenal’s two biggest stars are set to play for their countries

Arsenal’s two biggest stars have joined up with their national teams, despite having injuries only a few days ago.

Mesut Ozil missed the weekend’s game with West Brom entirely but has travelled to Germany ahead of the friendly with England and despite Arsene Wenger saying Alexis Sanchez had come off through injury, he will reportedly play for Chile.

This is only what you would expect from Alexis. It wasn’t long ago that he played through a hamstring injury for his country.

It can only make you wonder how serious and even how legitimate the Ozil injury news was though. He has missed games through illness and now injury lately but it comes at a time when he is thought to have rejected a new contract.

It all feels very familiar. It has a similar feeling the Cesc Fabregas’ final season with the club where he seemed to miss most of it through injury. Of course, the injuries could be legitimate. But it feels as if there is something more to it.


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