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Alexis took to Instagram this afternoon

Alexis Sanchez posted this picture on Instagram and appeared to be trying to smooth things over after a turbulent few days at the club.

The message alongside the post read: “The true warrior fights not because he hates the ones in front of him, but because he loves those behind him. ¬†Let ‘ go Gunners.” The only failure is not trying.””

With Arsene Wenger denying any rift between the two in today’s press conference, things are looking a little brighter than they were a few hours ago.

If Arsenal are going to pull off a miracle and progress against Bayern then they will need their star man to be at his best.

Only time will tell if this is just a bit of PR from the club or if Alexis is happier than many are reporting. But it has to be a sign that we will see the Chilean back in the line-up tomorrow evening.



  1. Okorosha Ibekwe 6 March, 2017 at 14:24 Reply

    Recently I read in one of the blogs that Wenger has agreed verbally to a two-year contract, if that is true then my only conclusion about the man’s character is that he has no self respect, nor has he got one for the Arsenal fans. It is a shame and a pity that he cannot see when he had overstayed his usefulness. I’m really ashamed of him. What Arsenal need now is a change in the managerial personnel to try to turn things around because Arsenal has stagnated. A new manager is needed to shake up things, bring in new players and sell off some who have no more ambition for success.

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