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Alisher Osminov makes massive offer for Stan Kroenke’s stake in Arsenal

Alisher Usmanov has made an offer of $1.3b for Stan Kronke’s stake in Arsenal, according to Sky Sports.

Kroenke has been the majority shareholder since 2011 when he purchased the shares of Danny Fizman and Nina Bracewell-Smith.

Kroenke owns various sports teams around the world and his wife is part of the Walmart empire.

Usmanov has owned a stake in Arsenal for some time and has been very vocal over the way Arsenal has been run.

According to Jeremy Wilson the bid has been rejected but Usmanov is still interested.

Usmanov’s bid, valued at around £1b means that Arsenal are worth at least £1.5b.

Part of the recent protests have been over Kroenke’s ownership of the club with many fans calling for him to leave.

Usmanov has been a big supporter of Wenger and has said that the coach is not to blame for the club’s issues.

Usmunov first bought shares in 2007 and increased his stake in the club to 30% last year.


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