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Arsenal: I’m not angry. I’m not disappointed. I’m just bored of it all

I’m not angry watching Arsenal. I could barely say I am disappointed. I am just really, really bored.

I am bored of watching us play dull football. Pundits constantly push the line that Arsenal play great football. It has not happened in years.

I am bored of constant fighting at the games, on Twitter, on Facebook, wherever over whether the manager should stay or go.

I am bored of the drama over the announcement of Wenger’s future. Just come out and say either way.

I am bored of Alexis Sanchez and his tantrums. We get it, you want to leave.

I am bored of watching two keepers struggling while the most talented keeper on our books is playing in Rome.

I am bored of Arsenal fans that want their 15 seconds of fame. “I can’t wait to see Arsenal Fan TV after this” is all you see when you go on Facebook and Twitter. Why? To see the same old nonsense as every other week?

I am bored of pundits trotting out the “we lack leaders” line instead of looking at the actual tactical issues. A player was not unmarked because of the lack of leaders, Jamie.

I am bored of hearing how whoever the latest flavour of the month manager is would instantly turn the club around. It happened with Coyle, Martinez, Laudrup, Koeman, Monk, even Dyche and I know I am forgetting a few.

I am bored of the whole Granit Xhaka narrative. He gets booked and sent off for things that no other player in the league does. It is insane.

I am bored of Jack Wilshere. He has not fulfilled his promise, he never will and the club should get rid for whatever they can get. He should not be the next captain and the team should not be built around him.

I am bored of the lack of flexibility in the system. We play 4-2-3-1 or at least something very similar in every single game. It has not worked optimally for some time and doesn’t suit our best players but the manager will not change it.

I am bored of players coming out of the woodwork and telling the papers they want to leave. They take no responsibility for the form. They need to realise that they are a big part of the reason we are in the situation we are in. Is it all their fault? Of course not. But they are very much a part of it.

I am bored of how teams are compared. The consensus would be that Arsenal have had a dreadful season. We are sitting above Manchester United who are apparently playing great. It does not make sense.

I am just bored of everything to do with Arsenal Football Club right now.

It used to affect my mood when we won or lost. Right now, I don’t even really care too much either way and that probably tells you everything you need to know. It is almost a chore to support Arsenal right now.

I don’t know if Wenger should go, and to be honest, I don’t care too much anymore.



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