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Arsenal Board criticised by Usmanov

In an open letter to the board, Alisher Usmanov has criticised the running of the club citing a lack of investment.

“In our view it is clear you are trying to distract attention from the more fundamental issues facing the club. These are the financial model, the lack of investment and club’s future strategic direction.”

Usmanov goes on to describe the hardship of  manager Arsene Wenger, who regularly has to deal with the problem of world class players leaving for rival clubs,  due to the clubs strict financial policy.

“As a consequence of this policy, which is dressed up as prudent financial planning, it is down to our manager and not the shareholders, to have to deal with the club’s tight finances, carry the burden of repaying the stadium debt by selling his best players and having to continue to find cheaper replacements.’

“This policy is leading to the loss of our best players, often to main competitors, and even causes the players themselves to question their future at the club and the club’s ambitions. The situation with Robin van Persie sums this up.”

The timing of the letter is impeccable as Usmanov will surely win support from the torrent of angry Arsenal fans, who will want to know why their top stars are leaving with increasing frequency.





  1. jesus casanova 5 July, 2012 at 12:45 Reply

    please bring back david dein, he would never had let this happen. bring in usmanov or someone who’s gonna bring in big names. gazidis, hill-wood and the rest of the dinosaurs who are currently ruining our once great team have to go. every year arsenal fans have to make do with 3rd or 4th spot, please for once do the decent thing and spend some money or leave, it isn’t fair on the supporters who spend their hard earned money week in week out to watch their team scrap for places. wenger for god sake be stronger and demand the funds to bring in quality players or quit.

    • Craig Gilhooly 5 July, 2012 at 12:50 Reply

      I agree with you to a point Jesus! Bring back Dein for sure, just not so certain on Usmanov, shady character with an even shadier past. May not be good for AFC in long run!

  2. Demola 5 July, 2012 at 14:23 Reply

    Infact d issue is dt make wenger request 4 wat fan demand if nt pple shouid nt buy dere ticket in d stadium every week again,pls let board & usmorv talk 2gether v.p must play 4 arsenal dis season so if he want go next season it is free wil are going 2 achive our goal.up gooners

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