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Arsenal fans, can we stop all the scapegoating?

For as long as I can remember there has always been at least one player in the squad who is used as a scapegoat.

Whether it Was Nicklas Bendtner, Andrey Arshavin or Emmanuel Eboue, Arsenal fans always seem to have one player that they will get on their back no matter what happens. I’m guilty of it myself at times.

Right now there are three players that seem to come in for criticism no matter what happens – Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Francis Coquelin.

It seems like Arsenal fans are almost split into two and these players are on either side. You’ve got the people that love Ramsey and Ozil and think Coquelin should be nowhere near the team. Then you have the people that love Coquelin’s passion and tough tackling but think Ramsey and Ozil should be sold as soon as possible. This is obviously generalising but on the whole I think most people fit into one of the two sides.

I’m not going to lie, I am on the pro-Ramsey side of the argument, but I have seen and heard some ludicrous criticism of both players at the game.

I don’t want this to turn into one of those “it’s all the fans fault” pieces because that’s not what it is meant to be. But I genuinely heard somebody blame Ramsey for a goal being conceded once. He wasn’t even on the pitch! Now if that doesn’t scream that people go to these games with an agenda and no matter what then I don’t know what does.

And then you have Francis Coquelin. Any time he is on the pitch he will be blamed if we concede. As soon as he is named in the starting line-up then many people are already annoyed with him.

Again, I’m not innocent, not even close but this sort of stuff does not help anybody.

It is easy to say that these are professionals and they should get on with their job, but it can’t be easy to play when you know that every time you have an incomplete pass half the crowd is going to be on your back.

There is constant talk of a poor atmosphere at the Emirates but this sort of thing is far more damaging than people not singing a few songs slagging off our rivals. You walk into the ground and before the game has even started there are arguments about Wenger in or Wenger out. Should this player be playing? “F*** off…” whichever player it is this week.

There is one thing in common with all the Arsenal fans in the stadium – they want the team to win. It seems about time we stopped bickering over which player is to blame and for 90 minutes each week, get behind the team. If you want to raise a banner and call for the manager to leave, do it after the final whistle.


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