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Arsenal fans have spoken and they want Wenger out…don’t believe everything you read

A poll run by the Arsenal Supporters’ trust to get Arsenal fan’s opinion on the manager’s future has come up with a pretty conclusive answer – 78% of Arsenal fans want Wenger to leave.

That is the headline anyway. But can we really draw anything from this? The results say 424 people responded with a written answer. The results also say that 81% of people did this. Maybe I have misread some information here but I think we can take from that around 523 people responded.

As with an survey or statistics, one of the biggest issues is sample size. The Arsenal Facebook page has just shy of 38million likes. While that doesn’t necessarily show how many fans the club has, I am pretty happy to conclude that 523 is a minute percentage of them.

The tide has definitely turned somewhat, and more and more people are perhaps leaning more towards wanting Wenger to go than ever before, but don’t believe the headlines and the numbers from a very flawed poll.


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  1. martinu 31 March, 2017 at 13:10 Reply

    ah, you forgot to mention this is from MODERATE Arsenal support who wanted Wenger in last year, and generally don`t want change. the tide has turned. don`t belive everything you read.

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