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Is time up at Arsenal for Jack Wilshere and why West Ham are the perfect destination

Jack Wilshere has spent the season away on loan at Bournemouth and has now been linked with a move to West Ham. It has to be time to consider that he is just not at Arsenal’s level any more.

Wilshere has spent more time on Bournemouth’s bench than actually playing of late, that can’t be a good sign for a player that many believe is still good enough to start for Arsenal.

He just has not developed from that first breakthrough season and the club can’t afford to build around a player with his injury record. It is time to move on from him.

I have said that West Ham is the perfect move for him for a while now and there are quite a few reasons why.

First of all, his family are West Ham fans. There is a picture of him in a West Ham kit as a kid. You know how much them lot will love that. They’ll be singing ‘he’s one of our own’ by the end of preseason.

They are one of the few clubs where he could take a step down, and still get paid similar wages. A permanent deal to Bournemouth isn’t realistic for that reason, but West Ham’s obvious financial advantages with the stadium give them a chance to sign these sort of players.

He could be a hero there. They love an English central midfielder. You would think Scott Parker and Mark Noble have been robbed of the Balon d’Or if you speak to some of their fans. Wilshere is still better than either of those. He would be the perfect big fish in a small pond.

He would be playing week in, week out (when he is fit) for them while at Arsenal his appearances would be few and far between once again. At his age, he needs to be playing regularly.

The move to West Ham would work out for all parties and it is one that they should all seriously consider this summer.


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