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Arsenal kick off their Europa League campaign tonight and fans are not exactly looking forward to it

Arsenal will kick off their Europa League campaign tonight after falling out of the top four last season.

Not being in the Champions League has left some fans of the Gunners feeling a little underwhelmed.

It could be seen as a chance to play some different teams, get a chance to see some youngsters like the exciting Reiss Nelson, and most of all – win a trophy. Arsenal start the competition as favourites.

However, most seem to be seeing it as something of an inconvenience, or even something to be ashamed of.

One fan Tweeted: “When people ask me what I’m up to this evening, what can I say that is less embarrassing than saying watching Europa League?”

This seems a bit of an overreaction from one disgruntled Gooner: “Today is officially my worst day ever. I have never had to see Arsenal play in Europa my entire life. Thanks Arsene for ruining my life.”

It does seem strange not playing on a Tuesday or Wednesday: “I cannot believe we’re playing Thursday night football.

Another added: “Will never get used to Arsenal playing on a Thursday night.”

“Just can’t get excited about tonight and I’ve tried,” said one for of the Gunners.

There were a few out there that were excited about it though.

“Dreaded being in Europa League for years, now, strangely, I am really excited for tonight. ” said one more positive fan.

While another fan of Arsene Wenger’s team tweeted: “From an Arsenal fan, I’m excited for something new that we might/should win!”

One thing is for sure, it will be quite different but it could be interesting to see something different at the Emirates.



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