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Who should play in midfield for Arsenal?

Yesterday, Arsenal asked fans on Twitter who should play in midfield for Arsenal. I’m sure you can imagine what sort of results that got but it got me thinking. Here is a look at all the candidates.

I’ll start with the easy one…

Francis Coquelin

Coquelin should be nowhere near the starting line up unless he has to be. He is clearly the worst of Arsenal’s options there and it is time to put him into an if you’re desperate/League Cup role. If he has to stay that is.

Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey comes in for a lot of criticism, but when he is played in the right midfield, he is a game changer. He gives the team energy that none of the others do. He perhaps does not score enough but he is good at both ends of the pitch. His defensive work is very underrated. He would be in my midfield. I would play a three with two ahead of…


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