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Arsenal: Is Olivier Giroud the most underrated striker in football?

Olivier Giroud scored twice in France’s 3-1 win away to Luxembourg and with it moved into France’s top 10 goalscorers of all time.

He is often criticised, and mostly by his own fans at Arsenal, but he is a player that produces time and time again.

In his four completed seasons for Arsenal he has scored 17, 22, 19 and 24 goals. Hardly bad for a player that cost around £10m.

Not even his biggest fans would argue that he is the complete striker, not at all, but he is also closer to it than many give him credit for.

Those goal tallies look even better when you consider that, unlike many players who are above him in the scoring charts, he does not take many penalties.

The Frenchman has his limitations, and perhaps him being a second option as he is now is the best way to use him, but the way some talk about him like he is dreadful is quite frankly absurd.

He was recently given a new deal and looks set to most, if not all of his career out at the club. Something that some fans greeted with moans and groans when in reality, they should be very happy.

Before I say this, I am not saying that Giroud is a better striker, but it is just for some context.

Olivier Giroud’s worst season at Arsenal is 17 goals. In Didier Drogba’s nine seasons at Chelsea he scored more than that on just two occasions. So seven of his nine seasons in England he scored less goals than Giroud’s WORST season.

So you can carry on criticising him if you want, and I’ll agree that having him as the first choice striker, or at least not as the only plan is not the best, but to act like we should sell ASAP is short-sighted and flat out wrong.


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  1. chris 18 July, 2017 at 08:16 Reply

    No he is not under rated. He scores goals but is as slow as an old cart horse. And that has been a problem for Arsenal for several years. Or has the writer not noticed ?

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