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Arsenal: Battle of the planes

  1. I’m sure everyone had heard about the plane that was going to be flown over the Hawthorns today.

A crowdfunding page had been started and protesters had booked a plane.

Despite rumours over bad weather meaning it wouldn’t happen, the plane flew over at the start of the game. Amazingly, they managed to fund the plane, but couldn’t work out how to do a hashtag properly.

However, there was a plot twist. Early into the first half, a second plane flew over in support of the manager.

A working hashtag at least. This one was a surprise and nothing had really been mentioned leading up to the game.

It is pretty amazing really. We all laughed at Chelsea when they would turn up to Stamford Bridge with their banners. Some will remember when they were even laminated.

Now we have taken it to a new level, quite literally. Who would have ever thought that the Wenger in or out battle would be held in the sky?


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