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Arsenal legend says Arsenal need to replace Santi Cazorla

Martin Keown has said that Arsenal need to sign one of Europe’s top midfielders to replace Santi Cazorla.

The Spaniard has missed the majority of the season and Keown believes that is a big reason for the Gunners’ poor form this season.

He also believes that the club need to make a decision over the manager, and make it quickly.

Speaking to the Daily mail he said: “The very first thing they need to do is work out who is in charge — and as soon as possible.

Arsene Wenger is an outstanding manager but his standout quality has been wiped away.

He creates a feelgood factor around the club and maps out the future for each player.

With Wenger’s own future unsure, that creates uncertainty among the players and it is no coincidence that Arsenal’s Premier League form has suffered.

On the pitch, they need to sign one of Europe’s best midfield players. Granit Xhaka is improving but he is not putting fear into the Premier League’s top teams.

“Arsenal need a player who can dictate the play. They have felt the loss of Santi Cazorla greatly and it has massively affected the group.”


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