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Arsenal set to ditch three at the back? Could it be 4-4-2?

Arsenal struggled for much of last season before a late change to a 3-4-3 – similar to that used by Chelsea and Tottenham – saw Arsenal end the campaign strongly and lift the FA Cup.

However, some rumours have suggested that Arsene Wenger could be set to move to a four at the back system once again.

Arsenal have lost two of their first three games this season and the embarrassing loss to Liverpool in the last game may have been the final straw for Wenger.

It seems as though a back four could happen sooner rather than later.

It could be in a system similar to the 4-2-3-1 that has been used in the past, but there are other possibilities.

A move to either a 4-4-2 or more of a 4-2-2-2 could put Arsenal in the best position. It would allow all the players to play in their strongest positions for a start which can never be a bad thing.

The second defensive midfield position may be an issue but between Francis Coquelin and Mohamed Elneny they could fill in until January. If Jack Wilshere could get fit then he could fit into the role very well.

Either of these systems could work very well with the current squad.

If the current form continues then it is hard to see Wenger persisting with the system.

It could be interesting to see.


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