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Arsenal Supporters Trust 2012 Survey

The results from the Arsenal Supporters Trust 2012 Survey are in! The questionnaires were sent to 1067 AST members with 636 responses.  

We have picked out a few of the best for you.

Since his takeover in May 2011 are you satisfied with Stan Kroenke’s explanation of his Vision for Arsenal Football Club?

Yes:13%             No:75%          No View 12%

Do you think Stan Kroenke should invite Red and White Holdings, which now owns a stake of just under
30% in Arsenal, to be represented on the club’s Board?

 Yes:82%             No:12%          No View 6%

Do you think Peter Hill-Wood is an effective non-executive Chairman of Arsenal Football Club?

Yes:20%             No:54%          No View 26%

 Do you think former Board member David Dein should be invited to play a role in Arsenal again?

Yes:72%             No:17%          No View 11%

 Do you think that the ticket prices Arsenal charge provide good value for money?

Yes:31%             No:56%          No View 13%

How satisfied are you with Arsenal’s football performance in recent years?

Highly Satisfied:1.5%       Satisfied:20%       Slightly Satisfied:40.5%       Unsatisfied:38%

Do you support Arsène Wenger remaining manager of Arsenal?

Yes:77%             No:15%          No View 8%

And finally-Next Arsenal statue vote: Bergkamp 41% Rocastle 14% Mclintock 7% Cliff Bastin 6% Wright 5% Alex James 5%

So it seems as though Arsene Wenger continues to have the support of the fans, even in the wake on the Robin van Persie comments. Not so backed are Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood and Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis, with the vast majority wanting David Dein to return to the club and hold a position within the board.


For the full results go to the AST website.


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