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Arsenal have NOT made an approach for this manager

Reports came out of Germany last night that Arsenal has made an approach for Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel, but the club have denied any contact has been made.

An Arsenal spokesperson has reportedly told Sky Sports that the Bild report is false and once again said that the decision over Arsene Wenger’s future will be mutual.

The Bild reports came out late last night but it wasn’t too long before the reliable Jeremy Wilson was debunking them.

His report in the Telegraph claims that Wenger wants to stay on and is convinced that he is the right man to lead the club out of the current predicament.

Some had claimed that Arsenal had withdrawn the offer of a two year deal while others say they had compromised at one year, but Wilson claims that is not true and the original offer is still on the table.

Wenger has said that he will not reveal his decision during the international break, so this saga looks set to rumble on and on for a while longer.


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