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Good news for Arsenal fans – there have been “Power shift in north London” articles

Nothing signals a late season rally by Arsenal better than the power shift articles and talk.

How many times have these articles been written and promptly been followed by a Tottenham collapse and an Arsenal comeback? Every single time is the answer to that.

We’ve had the “negative spiral” and lasagne-gate. But things always seem to work out.

Look, and I’ll whisper it, this Spurs team may not be like the others, but nothing has given me more hope that it can happen than Niall Quinn uttering the words “power shift.”

Quinn said:¬†“There’s been a shift in power in north London over the last year or so. Arsenal fans are getting restless with their manager but Spurs fans, the joy they have watching their team, they can’t believe what’s happening there.

“It’s a great place to be playing your football, supporting them if you’re a supporter. Tottenham are right at it and that game against Arsenal will be a judgement day.”

It will take a monumental effort to catch Spurs this time. The gap is now 14 points but we have two games in hand and have to play them yet. It isn’t completely over just yet.

And even if it does happen, I’m not quite sure how one season means more than the 20 that have gone before it.


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