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Arsenal vs Marseille preview | Wenger concerned

Tomorrow night Arsenal kick off our Champions League campaign for another year. Hopefully not another year of heartache and disappointment, remarkably brushed over by one good away performance. Don’t shout at me, it was a fantastic performance but I don’t want to be celebrating a ‘stoic effort in defeat’ this year.

So how’s the team shaping up?

Well, no one got injured on the journey to the airport. So that’s a plus. The side will definitely be boosted by the calming presence of the ‘BFG’ who confirmed on his official facebook wall that he’s back.

Stepping up as the captain, in the Verminators absense has only pushed Per higher in my loving. He’s such a great leader, experienced, powerful, and fecking crazy! I for one feel tremendously better about our prospects when he’s on the pitch.  I can’t see Valbuena or Ayew causing too many problems for our boys on the whole really. We tend to cake walk Marseille, but famous last words and all that jazz. I’ll say no more. The boss says we should respect the French leagues. He is a funny old bugger!

In other good team news, it’s looks as though our saviour, Mesut Ozil will be fit to start. Just as well with Rosicky, Chamberlain, Cazorla, Arteta and Zelalem all out injured. We’re Jack’s ankle away from starting Bendtner again. Ah! Sorry about that, I occasionally get, ‘nervous Bendtner twitches’ every time a player hits the deck clutching some overly waxed part of their body.

I can see Jack playing from the left again, allowing the main man to play wherever the hell he wants. Which is probably a contractual obligation, (please note that comment is pure speculation) but one I’m very happy about.

Personally I don’t think Jack is playing anywhere near well enough to be moved out of position on the left, highlighted by his performance on Saturday. It does make you wonder why we let Gervinho go. No natural wingers at the club leaves us desperately short when fighting on all fronts.

Something that Wenger is also concerned about…

“I am concerned because from now the team play for two months every three or four days and it’s important we get some players back because you cannot play for the next two months with the squad we have at the moment.”

So Arsene’s worried about the lack of depth. I guess that’s a good thing but it does prove how strange our transfer business was this summer. Very unorganized and potentially very costly.

Back to the game…

So, we’re looking like Jenko back to the bench with Sagna shifting back to right-back for the return of the BFG. Happy days. Just don’t get injured. Anyone. Please.


Well, lost and drawn their last two games and they actually gave Joey Barton a job. ‘Enugh said bruv’.

On a serious note, one player to watch will be Mathieu Valbuena – can be very tricky at times, and is expected to play the number 10 role. But we’ve got Ozil!

I’m going for a comfortable 1-3 away win.

Stick your predictions in the comments. #COYG


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