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Arsenal’s top 25 players under Arsene Wenger (25-21): Nwanko Kanu amongst Arsenal’s best

With no game for two weeks now, it seemed like a good idea to do a rundown of the best players to play for Arsenal under Arsene Wenger. The manager has been here for 20 years now and who knows, this may be his last.

Over the next few days I’ll go from 25, all the way down to one. Let me know your opinions and who you think should get that top spot. Here is a rundown of 25-21.

25 – Lee Dixon

The right back racked up an impressive 619 games for Arsenal, putting him fourth on the list of appearances for the club. He was part of Arsenal’s famous defence alongside Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Nigel Winterburn.

He joined Arsenal long before Wenger got to the club but was a big part of the success for the team and retired shortly after picking up his second double as a Gunner in 2002.

24 – Nicolas Anelka

The Frenchman’s time at the club may have been fairly brief, but what a few years it was. Signed for just £500,000, Anelka was a key part of Arsenal’s double win in 98 and even scored in the FA Cup final.

He was named PFA Young Player of the Year in 1999 before leaving for Real Madrid. It is a shame that Anelka didn’t stay at the club a little longer. Of course, he had a good career, but it could have been great if he stayed in North London.

23 – Emmanuel Adebayor

This one may be a bit of a controversial inclusion, but Adebayor was unplayable at times for Arsenal. His attitude on and off the pitch left a lot to be desired, but when he was good, he was really, really good.

He was one of the players that I really deliberated over but I decided, like with a couple of players coming up in this series, that his peak was better than the people I left out.

22 – Nwanko Kanu

The Nigerian striker will be best remembered by Arsenal fans for his incredible hattrick at Stamford Bridge. From 2-0 down, Kanu scored three in just 17 minutes including a wonderful third to turn things around and snatch the victory in the London derby.

He scored 43 goals in his six seasons with the club and won two Premier League and two FA Cup titles including being part of the Invincibles.

21 – Emmanuel Petit

Another player whose time at the club was perhaps too short. But in that time he forged one of the best midfield partnerships the club has seen alongside his compatriot, Patrick Vieira.

He ended his time at the club in 2000 with 118 appearances and 11 goals. He may not have spent too long at Arsenal, but the defender turned midfielder had a huge impact and will always be remembered by fans for his part in that 98 double win.


Tomorrow we will have 20-16.


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