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ARSENAL’S TOP 25 PLAYERS UNDER ARSENE WENGER #5: Another former captain as we start off the top five

So we are into the top five of this countdown of Arsenal’s best players to play under Arsene Wenger. Check out all the players from 25-6 as we get into this special group of players.

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5 – Cesc Fabregas

Not the most popular of players with many fans but Cesc Fabregas is arguably the most talented player to play for Arsenal since Dennis Bergkamp.

From the moment he made his debut at a little over 16, he was tipped for greatness.

It’s impossible not to mention how things ended, but that doesn’t take away from the many years of wonderful service that he gave the club. Personally, I was all for bringing him back when he ended up at Chelsea.

In 2008 he was named as PFA Young Player of the Year and a few months later he took over the captaincy at the club. Like Robin van Persie after him, Fabregas almost singlehandedly dragged Arsenal through games at times.

Fabregas picked up just one major trophy in his time at the club – the 2005 FA Cup. He was part of the team that made the 2006 Champions League final and despite still being just a teenager, had already established himself as a key part of the team by then.

The Spaniard was a joy to watch in the Arsenal midfield. He wasn’t a prolific scorer but he got his share. He ended his time at Arsenal with 57 goals in 303 appearances. He also had 84 assists.

There are three players who left Arsenal in controversial fashion in the top 10. Fabregas, Van Persie and tomorrow’s entry (little hint for you there). The way they left does not take away from how good any of them were, even if it stops them from really being a fan favourite. Like van Persie, Cesc was well on his way to going down as an Arsenal legend but it is hard to blame him for wanting to return home.

Fabregas will always be one of my favourite Arsenal players, regardless of how things ended. He was so naturally talented and it was impossible for me to leave him out of the top five.


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