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Arsene Wenger agrees to a new deal – how the fans reacted

Arsene Wenger has reportedly agreed to a new two year deal to stay on at Arsenal.

There have been big question marks over his future for some time now with some fans calling for him to leave.

He will stay on though and extend his stay at the club to at least 23 years.

The news was far from unexpected – all the reports leading up to today had suggested that he would stay on – but fans were of course split over the news.

Here are some of the reactions.

Good old Piers Morgan obviously had his say. The same Piers Morgan that wrongfully accused Arsenal fans in Copenhagen and got them banned from football.

He said: “Arsene Wenger was the greatest manager I’ve ever seen at Arsenal. Now he’s the butt of rival fan jokes yet signs a new £20m deal. Pathetic.”

I’ll be honest, I think his moronic comments and questionable ethics are more pathetic than Arsenal’s most successful manager signing a new deal.

Another fan said: “Seriously? Another two years of the status quo? I respect Mr Wenger a lot, but for this to not be a terrible decision we need many changes.”

While another added: “Same staff. Same approach. Same mistakes. Same outcome. Wenger is regression. Protests won’t stop, next season will be toxic. #WengerOut.”

However, there were plenty that were delighted with the news.

One simply said: “Yes Wenger is staying.”

Another added: “Absolutely delighted Wenger is going to sign a new 2yr deal at Arsenal best man for the job.”

Finally: “Delighted with the news Wenger is signing a new 2 yr contact. Looking forward to exciting times ahead at Arsenal #WengerIn.”


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  1. farook 31 May, 2017 at 01:43 Reply

    I was a Wenger out but now that he has signed a new contract we should all get behind him and the team and stop moaning.

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