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Arsene Wenger: There’s only one team in London

Things have not exaclty been rosy for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal of late, but that hasn’t meant that he has lost his sense of humour. In response to the Alexis Sanchez to Chelsea rumours, he had a message for the west London club and Arsenal’s neighbours Spurs.

He said: “There’s only one team in London.”

Wenger added that he believes that Sanchez is happy at the club and would like to stay at the Emirates.

Speaking ahead of the Manchester City game, Wenger refused to comment on his own future but did add that he is clear on his future and that it would not affect his management of the club.

He said: “Not today. But I am very clear in my mind.

“Do I stay two more years? My commitment will be the same.

“It does not influence my attitude. I’ve always been clear in my mind.”

Everything in the past week or so that has come out regarding the Frenchman’s future has seemingly indicated that he will stay but only time will tell.


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