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Arsene Wenger takes a shot at the media

Arsene Wenger has blamed the media for getting Arsenal fans on the team’s back.

He claimed the media are responsible for the frustration that fans have expressed of late. He said: “You work very hard to get the fans on our back.”

Arsenal have gone through their toughest period since Wenger arrived at the club. This will be the first time in Wenger’s reign that the team will not compete in the group stage of the Champions League.

He claimed that fans want to support the team but the constant news around the team has caused fans to turn.

Wenger claimed: “I believe our fans or naturally with us”

It is probably not the best time for Wenger to come out with this sort of accusation. Fans can see for themselves how the club did in the transfer window.

Of course, Arsenal do get a disproportional amount of coverage, but that is something that comes with being one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Wenger did seem in fighting mood though as he addressed the media at his press conference. Many will be hoping that translates to the team’s performance on the pitch.


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