Stoke City vs Arsenal-The Bould Effect

Result: Arsenal 0 – Stoke 0
Date: 26/08/12
Attendance: 27,072
Ref: Lee Mason
I could of happily copied last weeks match report against Sunderland and I bet a lot of you, (with a few name changes and Pulis hatred added in), wouldn’t know the difference.
That’s because as you know, the performance and result were exactly the same. Another solid spirited dominate approach to the game that lacked the cutting edge in the final third. Simple, right? Wrong…It may sound simple but I think we can underestimate that. I can’t remember watching two games where we really were marvellous defensively. I want to talk about our defence, we all know what we need up top. With a bit of time Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla will be banging them in every week, and no, I object, that’s not ludicrousness optimism, it’s a fact. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
Let’s focus more then, on the Bould effect. I can’t see how it is a coincidence that Bould has stepped up and taken charge of all things defensive and more this summer and our current unbeaten record. Let’s be honest for us, 2 games without conceding is odd.
The performance against Stoke was a real eye opener for me, a real spanner in the works in my Arsenal way, brain. I began to think let’s walk-away with a 0-1. What’s more scary is that the team looked so solid that I thought if we scored once we would win. I couldn’t see them scoring, I could never see myself saying that after a trip to the Britannia! If one team in the league troubles us the most, in recent times, it’s Stoke. They’re style is, as Simon rightly put, agricultural, most of the 11 belong on a farm in Yorkshire somewhere, fixing combine harvesters and lifting hay bails, not playing our beautiful game. So how can our ‘boys’ as Evra infamously stated,  dominate and boss the ‘men’ of the Premier League?
I can tell you how, ‘The Bould Effect’ …That’s how! Steve Bould has come into the team and stripped it back, taken the reigns, and dominated the coaching like never before under Arsene Wenger. He has the team playing solidly, tightly, for the first time in years I saw the whole back four raise their arms aloft at once…It almost brought a tear to my eye!
Again I came away from another goalless draw with feelings of optimism and pride. We bullied Stoke at the Britannia, we can take on anyone after that.
The goals will come, what excites me more is the clear change of ethos and style, we looking determined and strong defensively for the first time in years.
I’ll leave you with this fitting Arsene Wenger quote-
“Goals win you games, defensive wins you Championships.”



  1. Godwin k.Habila 27 August, 2012 at 22:04 Reply

    A Bould step in the right direction u may add.perhaps d biggest revolution starts with d young lad,Jenkinson,yes thats his name.i see him playing for England sooner than later.he should just Boulden his steps.

  2. Mr Quinn 27 August, 2012 at 22:05 Reply

    I agree entirely, Steve Bould is the most important signing of the summer.

    Hopefully he will soon banish the ‘loiters’ (ie Walcott, Arshavin, Gervinho) to the halfway line when we are defending corners, and place Arteta and Cazorla just outside the 18 yard line, That strategy will remove the problem of congestion in the penalty area – alternatively as at Stoke, don’t give away corners. We will see.

    The original quote is “Offense sells tickets. Defense wins championships” and is attributed to Dave Thorson, a Minnesota basketball coach.

  3. mids 28 August, 2012 at 05:33 Reply

    and yet some how kozzer didnt play yet,how about that: ps u took these words from my mouth as thats what i was barking at my fellow gunners.when u learn to keep clean sheets the goals will come which makes it easy to turn blank draws into wins.

  4. emmanuelson deji 28 August, 2012 at 08:19 Reply

    beautiful piece of article,mate. Bould has really done well,very well i mean. These two games are games we v nva failed 2 concede in recent yrs cos of d way we were bullied. But look @ d we v handled teams defensively,while these makes d attack confident of scoring goals without other teams cancelling them out with cheap goals.

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