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Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas would love to switch bodies with these two former Arsenal team mates

Cesc Fabregas has revealed that he would love to switch bodies with Theo Walcott and Thierry Henry for one game if he could.

Speaking at a Q&A for Carabao, Fabregas was asked if he could switch places for any player then who it would it be and he said his former team mates at the Emirates.

He said he would like to have their speed and see what it was like to breeze past players.

Fabregas said: “Someone where they give you a long ball and you just pass the players. I’ve never had this feeling unfortunately.

“I would really like to have felt what it would be like to be a Theo Walcott.

“I remember at Arsenal I used to pass him the ball over the top and I knew he could get there whatever it takes.

“To have this feeling, to be so superior on the long runs and pass everyone – I would have loved that.”

I think we would all like to know what it was like to be Thierry Henry for a day.


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