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“That is a leg-breaker” – What fans and pundits had to say after the David Luiz tackle on Sead Kolasinac

David Luiz was sent off towards the end of the game between Arsenal and Chelsea today for a horror tackle.

He lost the ball and made a reckless lunge at Sead Kolasinac that at the time looked to have caused serious injury. The wing back did get up shortly after and continue.

Graeme Souness said after the game on Sky Sports: “He’s not had a good day, ‘here, have some of that’. That is a leg-breaker.

“That’s a red card all day.”

Arsene Wenger agreed with Souness. He said after the game: “”It was excessive force. Kolasinac was not completely on his feet. It looked to me that it was.”

Thierry Henry shared the same opinion: “He’s upset with Sanchez and forgets to play football. He takes his frustration out on Kolasinac. That is a red.”

Antonio Conte was upset on the sidelines but replays showed that it was a clear red card.

What seemed to get Twitter buzzing the most though was the Serbian defender’s quick recovery.

Kolasinac certainly has the build of a hard man and perhaps this shows that he really is tough guy.

One Gunners fan, happy with the performance of the team said: “Can’t knock that performance or result. Highlight being Luiz giving that challenge all he could and Kolasinac barely needing any treatment.”

Another said: “Kolasinac is really only dangerous and scary guy. Hard as nails.”

There is always going to be somebody that disagrees though.

One Chelsea fan wrote: “A bit harsh!! Again referee has ruined the game. 3rd game running we have a player sent off against”


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