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Dennis Bergkamp: 15 years to the day since that goal

It is hard to believe that it is 15 years since Dennis Bergkamp scored that wonderful goal against Newcastle.

There are people that still claim it was a fluke. Those people are wrong.

Bergkamp yesterday came out on top in our list of the best players to play under Arsene Wenger, and this sort of moment was just one of many magical moments in a wonderful Arsenal career.

How Bergkamp talks about the goal is something that sums up the way he was. Everything he did looked so easy but so few could even dream of pulling off the sort of magic that he could.

“I thought the ball was a little too much behind me so I had to turn to control it. The quickest way to turn the ball was going that way. It looked a bit special or strange or nice but for me it was the quickest way to the goal. The finish: it was just trying to get it past the goalkeeper in such a way he cannot reach it.”

There is an argument that it wasn’t even the best goal he scored for Arsenal which tells you everything you need to know.

Dennis Bergkmap will forever be known as an Arsenal great and this goal is just part of his legend.


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