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Hector Bellerin to defy Arsene Wenger this summer

Hector Bellerin will play for Spain under-21s this summer at the European Championships, despite Arsene Wenger’s wishes that he rests ahead of next season.

“I really want to play in European Under 21,” Bellerin told IBTimes.

“Representing Spain is very important. If Celades gives me the chance I’ll be there.

“Those are opinions of the managers. I have to keep working.

“The truth is that I had a difficult injury but I think that I am at 100% now and I’ll try to prove it when I get the chance.”

Arsene Wenger is concerned that Bellerin, who has struggled for much of the season will burn out if he goes to the summer tournament.

Ahead of Arsenal’s semi-final win over Manchester City, Wenger said:¬†“It is not ideal after a long season.

“He should have a rest and prepare for next season. The Spanish players love to play for their country, and I think he will go as he loves to play for Spain.”


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