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Highlights: Relive Arsenal’s wonderful FA Cup final win against Chelsea

What a day it was. Easily the most I have enjoyed a game in quite some time -well the second half was more stressful than anything.

You can watch highlights here.

Arsenal promise that it will put a smile on your face and I am happy to confirm this is true.

From the wonderful start with that Alexis goal. The fact it was a little controversial only makes it better for me.

To the disappointment of Diego Costa’s equaliser before seemingly going straight up the other end and scoring.

Regular readers will know I am something of an Aaron Ramsey fan. So that second goal could not have been much better for me.

Not many players get to score one winner in an FA Cup final. The Welshman now has two to his name. It is hard to argue that he is not an Arsenal legend now.

I have already watched this (and Rob Holding singing his own song) countless times.



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