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This won’t please Arsenal fans – Lee Dixon says Mesut Ozil should be more like this Spurs star

Prior to England’s game with Germany, Lee Dixon said Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil should be more like Tottenham’s Dele Alli.

Dixon was working as a pundit for ITV and claimed that if Ozil has the edge that Alli has then he would be a much better player.

I’m not sure if Dixon means the diving or the dreadful tackles. Only he could answer that.

“Dele is playing in the first team long-term because he is doing something right,” he said.

“The fact that he has come into the Tottenham team and they are building a team around him, his talent is unlimtless.

“If Mesut Özil had half of what Dele Alli has got, that nasty streak, he would be ten times a better player than he is.

“Mesut Özil has not got what Dele Alli has.”

Alli is a good player, of course, but people are falling over themselves to praise him when his performances when it really matters have not deserved it.


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