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Mesut Ozil feels like he has been scapegoated at Arsenal

Mesut Ozil revealed that he feels like when things aren’t going well for Arsenal, he is one that is singled out for criticism.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Ozil said: “People know what I’ve achieved. That I’m a world champion, have played for Real Madrid, had 20 assists last season. So when it isn’t going great for the team, someone gets picked out – unfortunately, often it’s me.

“Eventually you have thick skin. It used to trouble me, I thought about it, but if you continue like that you’ll be broken. I have become stronger and not everyone can like you.”

It is hard to argue with that. I don’t think anybody would argue that his form has been good enough of late, but it is not a new phenomenon to pin the blame on the German star.

Throughout his time at the club he has constantly been blamed when things have not gone right, despite stats often pointing to the opposite.

He is often criticised for his lack of defensive work, but that is not how he plays and not where he is effective.

He said: “I’m not the type of player to chase after the ball the whole time, everyone knows that. My potential lies far more on the offensive side. I’m supposed to be dangerous, create chances, score goals. When I don’t get the ball, that’s difficult.”

He did however say how much he likes that Arsenal fans have a song about him.

He said: “You know what makes me proud? That the Arsenal fans have written an Ozil song.

“I have never experienced something like that in a club. Every time the fans sing it I get goosebumps.”


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