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Paul Merson in talking nonsense about Arsenal shocker

I know it is hard to believe, but Paul Merson was talking nonsense again.

Not some dodgy prediction or slagging off a foreign manager, but the whole Suarez thing again.

“You know, [they offered Liverpool] £40m-and-a-pound for Suarez. Bid £60m. Arsenal would have won the league by now.

“There’s an arrogance at Arsenal at the moment, and the arrogance isn’t helping at all.

I don’t know how many times we need to go over this but maybe one more will do.

Why would you bid £60m when a release fee is £40m? Some rubbish about showing intent? The only thing Arsenal should be criticised for in the whole thing is not challenging Liverpool legally.

Some have said that the clause wasn’t binding, but I think it is clear that Arsenal believed the information they were given that it was. Why would Arsenal bid £20m more than a release clause that they believe existed?

It is just more Merson chat that is about getting attention, and of course I am now guilty of giving it to him.

I know he is an Arsenal legend, but I would happily never hear or read another word from him. Everything he does is about being controversial. Either that or how he hilariously mispronounces every players name. That is great…

I’m never going to join a Wenger out protest, but if there is ever a march against Merson then I will be right at the front with my ‘Mexit’ banner.


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  1. AlfB 8 April, 2017 at 10:13 Reply

    Merson is still a bitter man after Wenger got rid of him. Also, I challenge the title an Arsenal legend? Legend for drugs and booze and showing the club up.

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