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Petr Cech dropped for FA Cup final against Chelsea – fans react and they aren’t happy

Petr Cech will be replaced by David Ospina for the FA Cup final and Arsenal fans are not too happy about it.

Cech has struggled at times this season but appears to be recapturing his best form. However, it is the Colombian who will get the nod for the final.

Arsenal are looking to win a third FA Cup in four years but will now have to do it without two of their most senior players in Laurent Koscielny – who is suspended – and Cech.

One fan said: “Please tell me this is a sick joke.”

Another added: “For the love of God, no!”

One fan was feeling pretty pessimistic ahead of the tie: “Very pessimistic about tomorrow. Someone give me a reason to hope? I don’t see how we beat Chelsea with literally no defenders or Cech.”

Some were a little more positive though. Actually claiming that the Colombian improved Arsenal’s chances of walking away with the trophy.

One Gooner simply said: “Ospina is better”

While another fan added: “Ospina is better so who cares?”

Some could not help but speculate that there may be more to it than meets the eye.

One fan, replying to a post about the story said: “You haven’t considered that Cech might be injured?”

“Can anyone say for certain Cech isnt injured or in a bad state though?” said another.

It is a big gamble either way and one that while maybe could have been predicted – Ospina is the cup keeper after all – is one that many fans would not have been hoping for.


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