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Thierry Henry succeeding Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager? It would be nothing but a disaster

Thierry Henry has once again been linked with taking over from Arsene Wenger, reportedly saying that he couldn’t rule it out.

He is the man that Josh Kroenke wants to take over and I’m sure many people would be happy to see an ex-player in charge. But there is no doubt about it; it would be an absolute disaster.

Wenger was criticised when Henry did not stay at the club as a coach, but the club’s leading scorer chose the lucrative salary from Sky over working his way up at the club. Why should he be handed a key role in the coaching staff just because he was a good player? Exactly the same as the likes of Tony Adams who seems to think he has some right to just walk in at the club and get a top position.

If those ex-players want to work for the club, they should work their way through the ranks like everybody else.

I loved Henry as a player. He was incredible. But away from the pitch? Not so much. His punditry is in line with most of his colleagues – appalling. He is working with Roberto Martinez at Belgium but has no real experience as a coach other than a short stint with Arsenal’s youth teams.

Henry’s ego would never allow him to become one of the great managers. His arrogance could maybe be seen as one of his biggest strengths as a players, but as a manager it just would not work. I know you have people like Mourinho who is as egotistical and arrogant as they come, but there is a reason his stays at clubs are always short-lived.  You think there is disharmony in the squad now? Just wait until Thierry turns up.

He will always be one of my favourites on the pitch, but I would like to keep it there.


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