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This Alexis Sanchez situation appears to be turning nasty and it doesn’t look set to improve

Last night a report from Matt Law in the Telegraph suggested that Alexis was dropped because of his attitude on the pitch and in training. If half of what was written is true then it is no surprise that Arsene Wenger was fed up with his attitude.

Whatever your opinion on Wenger, it should not excuse any player from acting as petulantly as Alexis has in recent times and it is only right that he was dropped.

The report says:

“Alexis Sanchez walked out of training and was involved in a furious bust-up with angry team-mates just days before being dropped to the substitutes’ bench for Arsenal’s trip to Liverpool.”

Of course, we can only speculate about training, but it is clear to see how his attitude on the pitch has changed. Look at Bournemouth away. He hardly played well himself but any time a teammate made a mistake he was throwing his hands up and complaining.

Then against Swansea we has the sulk under the coat after being substituted off when the game was already won. It’s easy to say that it is just him wanting to win and being passionate, but when it is detrimental to the team then it is far from acceptable.

According to the report, many of Alexis’ teammates agree with the manager despite criticism from outside of the club.

Wenger is often criticised for being overly friendly and not hard on the players. It is hard not to back him in this situation. No player is bigger than the club, certainly not Alexis.

It seems impossible to come back from here and it would be a shock to see Alexis in an Arsenal shirt next season. PSG look like the most likely team to make a move.

Losing any player of the Chilean’s ability would be hard for a team, but if these reports are true, and frankly, all the evidence points that way, then he simply cannot be kept around.


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