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Thoughts on the ArsenalFanTV interview with Gary Neville and fan reaction

Before I start, I should admit that I am not the biggest fan of the ArsenalFanTV. I think the concept of it is great, and giving fans a chance to get their points across is an excellent idea. I believe it has just become a pantomime these days though with people looking for their 15 seconds of fame.

I do however think that, on the whole, this interview was very well done. Robbie does a great job with the channel and it is hard to argue with what he has achieved in terms of views and getting somebody like Neville to do this.

Now, something I never thought I’d ever say. I think DT came out of this very well. He spoke fairly well and got his point across clearly and whether you agree with him or not, I’d find it hard to believe that anybody could truly say that what he was saying was unfair.

Personally, I am never going to agree with the banner. I think it is disrespectful towards the greatest manager in this club’s history. He did address this though. I came away from watching this with a lot more respect for DT and his thoughts.

The second half of the interview was a bit of a shambles though. One guest in particular likes the sound of his own voice a little too much. It could have ended after DT’s question and it wouldn’t have taken anything away.

Now how some fans reacted on Twitter.

Some positive…

Some not so positive…

But my favourite moment…



  1. Phil 18 February, 2017 at 12:41 Reply

    Think Arsenal Fan TV are missing the point. They want Neville to show them respect, yet him mentioning them on live TV was probably the best thing they ever could have wished for!!

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