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Three Points Fails to Mask the Issues

Admittedly, three points over Watford meant a sigh of relief could wash over the Emirates once more but one commentator, in particular, said that after the result over the Hornets, that:  ‘Arsenal’s season was back on track’.

Let’s make one thing clear, victory over a Watford side who missed a penalty does not make everything okay.

Granted, the victory over AC Milan was a superb result and one that perhaps says more about the Italian sides decline rather than the Gunners sudden rise to the pantheon of the greats again.

However, we do not want to be too negative as the atmosphere at the Emirates on Sunday was one of positivity for a change and something that is only good for the club.

The real issue is that in the league at least it is all too little too late.

The Premier League is over

Twelve points behind Liverpool in fourth makes for grim reading whichever way you look at it. Full credit must go to Sean Dyche’s Burnley but few at Arsenal, especially Wenger himself would have thought the Lancashire club would have been our closest competitor in the league come March.

After missing out on the Champions League by a single point last season, this year, we have entered last chance saloon much earlier than anticipated.

Europa League Hope

However, as with everything, we must grasp hope and positivity where we can, and the season still has the unlikely chance of being a relative success.

And it is all down to our increased chances in the Europa League.

But do we really want to win it?

Much depends on which camp you sit in, Wenger in or Wenger out.

Win the Europa League, and qualification for the Champions League is assured along with Arsene’s first European trophy and the Frenchman will stay for his final term regardless.

However, fail to win, and who knows what may happen?

Either way, the problems are still there and even Europa League glory will only paper over the cracks of a side simply not good enough to mix it anymore with the big boys on a consistent basis.

There is a lot to do at the Emirates and the rebuilding process needs to start sooner rather than later.

Beating a poor AC Milan side and a Watford side all but assured of their Premier League survival is one thing but mixing it with England’s elite (let alone Europe’s), still looks a long way off with a plenty of bumps in the road.

For now, at least, let us enjoy the moment of victory and focus on putting another fallen giant in AC to bed on Thursday night.


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