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Vermaelen to United? Captain Curse Strikes Again

Vermaelen Turmoil

CC source – Ronnie Mcdonald

Oh fucking very dear.

The first 3 words that come to mind when you read we’re selling our club captain to a direct rival… Again.

So why?

Why are we letting a player, albeit, bit part, kinda weird sits on the bench but still picks up trophies like he’s JT’s best mate kinda bit part player, leave to a direct rival?

Haven’t we learnt from previous mistakes?

We’re all still suffering from that time the big geezer scored against us, ran the length of the pitch, slid on his knees, and got proper pelted. Yeah, bad day that one.

Or how about the time the little Spanish fella ‘put’ on that purple and blue shirt with his mates when he was on holiday? Yeah, that sucked too.

Oh and that other guy with the strange accent and bandy legs, he used to score a lot. Then he scored against us, then he did it again. Wow. That still hurts.

Those dark moments are still pretty raw, sorry about that.

Let’s get positive.

This is a new dawn for Arsenal Football Club – I can see the light in that tunnel, heck i’m bathing in the light! So why does this leave me feeling a bit shit? (Negative again.) I don’t think Vermaelen, on current form, is good enough to play ahead of Mertesacker or Koscielny. That’s the partnership of all partnerships. They both seem to be lost without each other, but become worldies when together. Does that mean we should allow Vermaelen to leave for United?


I really can’t recall Fergie ever selling a decent player to a rival – Silvestre clearly doesn’t apply here. TV5 is an international defender with amazing experience at the highest level. Athletic, composed on the ball (mostly), a goal scorer, a leader.

Most importantly…

He will strengthen United.

For that reason alone I’ll be going shit divvy if we let him move there. Let’s face it he’d love to go to Barca but the draw of that RvP geezer and his misses is evidently more important than sitting on a heated leather seat in Catalonia.

But I don’t care.

I know right!


Arsene shouldn’t care.

He’s cut Jenko for the season. And I admire that. Much love Jenko but Bellerin is the dogs – you need time buddy.

So no room for sentiment there. Let’s carry on that form…

Let the lad go Arsene – but by God, don’t let him go to United.



  1. dogbreath 6 August, 2014 at 23:05 Reply

    are you fucking stupid? vermaelen goes where vermaelen wants unless we force him to run dow his contract. simples

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