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Wenger out protestors have turned up at the training ground and it is better than you could even imagine

We’ve all seen the Wenger out protests at the games but now two people have stepped it up by going to the training ground.

One in a full Alexis kit and one in an Arsene Wenger outfit. Both with masks, because why not?

Faux-Alexis has even gone to the trouble of finding two dog toys to represent Atom and Humber – real-Alexis’ two dogs.

Then faux-Wenger has got his trophy (I can’t work out the original use of the trophy) and stuck a fourth place trophy sign on the front. One little detail though, the R is back to front. I’m hoping this is a joke I do not get.

Then we come to the banners. Hashtags and @s do not work on banners, lads.

The whole thing is incredible and there are so many more things going on here. Have a look and let us know what your favourite part is because this whole thing is incredible in so many ways


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