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Would an FA Cup win and a top four finish be enough for Arsenal?

I have seen various people asking this recently and after Arsenal moved into the semi-final of the FA Cup, this seems more realistic.

There is a lot of work to do to achieve either of these, but if we do, would it be seen as a successful season?

Heading into the season, would they have been realistic goals? I think so. Arsenal were, at best, third favourites heading into the season for the Premier League title. A third-place finish is very much in reach. Adding a trophy to that with the FA Cup does not sound like too bad of a season.

There is lots of talk that Arsenal spent over £90m in the summer, but that is still fourth in the league and only a few million above what Manchester United spent on Paul Pogba alone. It is less than both Manchester clubs and Chelsea.

There is no argument that the performances have not been good enough, but as mentioned here, things were actually a lot better against Bayern, even if the result was not.

It would be nice to see the club go out and spend a fortune on players like other clubs, but that is not where we are. We do not have an owner pumping cash into the club and many people see that as a good thing.

Yesterday saw yet another protest from fans over the manager. It is fair enough if they want to protest, but I’m really not sure what it is that people think the club should be doing. In most ways of measuring, our current situation is about where it should be. Spend on players and wages both come in around where we are.

Of course, I want to see Arsenal win the league every year, but it is just not that realistic. So, like could well happen this year, an FA Cup and Champions League qualification is something that should be celebrated, not seen as some sort of failure. Now we just have to achieve that.


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