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Would an FA Cup win save Wenger?

The word enigma is often overused in football, but if it can be accurately applied to one team it is probably Arsenal.

If you don’t believe us, cast your mind back over the last three weeks or so. During this time, the Gunners were thrashed at Crystal Palace and comprehensively beaten by local rivals Spurs, who are now guaranteed to finish above the Gunners for the first time in 22 years. This period also saw narrow and unconvincing wins against Middlesbrough and Leicester City, as Arsenal clung on to their hopes of qualifying for the UCL.

Incredibly, this run also included an unexpected, 2-1 win at Wembley against Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-finals, which helped the Gunners to reach their third final in just four years.

Would a Cup Win Save Wenger’s Job?

As you can see, you never know what to expect from Arsenal, who seem to punctuate increasingly sustained periods of inconsistency and off-field drama with truly stunning victories. The City game also surprised many as Arsenal showcased tremendous heart and determination to get back into the game after falling behind, contradicting one of the main criticisms of the Gunners being a weak and rudderless unit.

The question that remains, of course, is whether winning the club’s third FA Cup in four years would be enough to salvage Wenger’s Arsenal career?

After all, the Frenchman has bore the brunt of speculation and abuse for most of the season, as the number of those calling for the Frenchman’s head continues to grow larger. With Champions League qualification also far from assured, the prevailing opinion at present is that Wenger needs more to continue his Arsenal journey next season.

What Are the Chances That Wenger Will Still be at Arsenal Next Season?

According to the latest sport spread betting tips over at, Arsenal will be clear underdogs against Antonio Conte’s dominant Chelsea outfit when they take them on in the final. This means that a win would represent a superb achievement against an outstanding side, while securing a third FA Cup in four years would also bolster Wenger’s credentials and move the Gunners ahead of Manchester United with 13 wins.

In truth, however, winning the Cup will have little or no impact on Wenger’s immediate future. After all, the board have already seemed to intimate that the Frenchman will be the one to decide whether or not he steps down at the end of the season. In this respect, another cup trophy is unlikely to sway Wenger’s decision one way or another, as he is clearly a man who does not measure his worth or achievements by mere silverware alone.

If the club were to miss out on the Champions League, however, Wenger may see this as a natural conclusion to his historic tenure at the Emirates. This is particularly true when you consider how his standing in the eyes of supporters has already been impacted, while Wenger himself may see this as the beginning of a long-term decline that he is ill-equipped to reverse.

While it is impossible to tell what will happen at the end of the season; one thing is for sure; an FA Cup win is unlikely to save Wenger, just as defeat in the final is unlikely to force him out of the door.


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