So Gooners, for those of you not in the twitter know, word on the street is that we have signed the tank that is Yann M’Villa. Aside from being arrested for a claimed assault this guy seems pretty flawless, a dominating central midfielder whose presence is often physically left on his opponents.

So the question is Song or M’Villa, or maybe both? For the stats geeks check out this comparison of the players in question.

Song vs M’Vila (all stats per game): passes 64 vs 70, tackles 2.8 vs 3.1, interceptions 2 vs 2.5, fouls 0.8 vs 2.2, bookings 10 vs 2. Courtesy of @ArsenalStat

This is another very positive move from AFC with the addition of Podolski, both before the season has ended. This should send a clear message to the big names like RVP and Theo both who are due new contracts. Potentially very promising signs for the future, a Wilshere and M’Villa partnership is a very exciting prospect!

The signing is due to be announced officially at 17.00 after the WBA game.

Keep the faith.



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