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Bad news for Arsenal fans Alexis Sanchez return to Arsenal delayed

Alexis Sanchez has taken to Instagram to tell the world that he is ill and this has further delayed his return to Arsenal this summer.

He has been given extra time off following the Confederations Cup where he reached the final with Chile.

Now he will be even further delayed after this post on his Instagram account.

Even feeling sick, a scarf in July seems a little much but it is Alexis Sanchez so of course he is wearing a scarf.

There has been speculation all summer that he will be moving with Manchester City and PSG looking like the most likely destinations.

His deal is up at the end of next season and Arsenal risk losing him on a free if they can not get him to sign a new deal or sell him this summer.

They could get well over £50m for the player and that is a lot to risk, even for a player such as Sanchez.


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