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Danny Welbeck: Why Arsenal’s 2015 FA Cup win was bittersweet for me

Danny Welbeck has said that Arsenal’s 2015 FA Cup win over Aston Villa was a bittersweet moment for him.

Welbeck played his part in getting Arsenal to the final – including a goal at Old Trafford against his former team – but missed the final with injury.

He is likely to play this weekend as the Gunners look to lift a third FA Cup in four seasons. Even if he does not start, he will almost certainly play some part.

He is however disappointed with how the league season has turned out but is looking forward to hopefully ending it with some silverware.

“As a club, with the way the season’s panned out, it’s not a position we want to be in at all,” he told the club website.

“We know that we’ve got the opportunity of playing in the FA Cup final, and it’s something we really want to do our best in.

“With the last cup final, I wasn’t on the pitch and that was disappointing for me.

“It was a bittersweet moment for me because you know you’ve played your part to get there and your team-mates are winning and lifting the trophy, but you wanted to be a part of that and play a part on the pitch as well.

“It’s difficult but it’s now something that’s behind me and you can’t change it.

“I’ve got the final to look forward to this season, so it’s something that I’m going to enjoy. I’m going to play the game and try to win the final.”

Welbeck believes that his and the teams familiarity could give them the edge in the final this weekend.

“Wembley is a place I know really well because I’ve played there multiple times.

“If you know the surroundings a bit better, it gives you that kind of familiarity.

“It’s a great place to play and what better occasion than the FA Cup final. Hopefully we’ll be able to lift the cup again.”

Arsenal will be the underdogs for this game but that was the case when they put in perhaps their best performance of the season against Man City to reach the final.



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